Please be aware of the following information regarding customer supplied goods:

Due to the nature of decorating garments, misprints may happen. If the customer supplies their own garments, misprints will not be reimbursed or replaced. 

There are some garments that we can not print on depending on the location of cuts, seams, or zippers that may prevent machine operation.

Due to the risks associated with custom decorating onto apparel, we will not print on items with high sentimental value or overly expensive garments that cannot be easily replaced. 


Even though you are supplying the garments, our team still needs to take time to unbag, organize, and prepare items for decorating, and your printing/embroidery cost does not include this fee.  A minimum $50 fee is charged for items that come to us packaged and unorganized.

Organize your garments:

Unbag each garment.

Group your garments by design. For example, if half of the shirts are to be printed with red ink, and the other half is to be printed with blue ink, please separate the shirts into different boxes and label them.

If individual names are to be embroidered onto the garments, please label each garment with the specific name going on the garment.